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MyData Conference Draws Industry Leaders to Helsinki in Hopes of Sparking an Ethical Data Revolution

Helsinki, Finland From August 31st to September 2nd, over 1000 researchers, engineers, business representatives, government officials, and civil society activists will gather in Helsinki to discuss the future of the personal data economy. MyData 2016 is the first conference of its size to address the future of personal data management after the European Union established the world’s strongest data protection regulation in December 2015.

MyData is a Finnish-born initiative started in 2013 to help individual people manage and reuse their personal data currently controlled by companies and governments. This conference will bring together an international group of organizations and individuals who are also working to find solutions for issues that are stopping data-based services from reaching their full potential, such as citizen distrust of online services, privacy concerns, opaque terms-of-service agreements, secure digital identity standards, and government surveillance programs. MyData 2016 will be a forum for a globally-focused discussion of how Europe can realize the projected 1 trillion euro value that data services could create by 2020 and transition into a Digital Single Market.

The event is hosted by Open Knowledge Finland, Fing (Next-Generation Internet Foundation), Aalto University, and Finland’s Ministry for Transport and Communications.

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Featured speakers include:

Doc Searls
Author, The Intention Economy: When Customers Take Charge

Irene Ng
Professor, University of Warwick

Justin Richer
Software Engineer and Standards Editor, Bespoke Consulting

Anne Berner
Finland’s Minister of Transport and Communications

Katryna Dow
Founder and CEO, Meeco

Peter Vander Auwera
Co-Founder of SWIFT’s Innotribe

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DAY 1: Why – “Sharing the value of personal data”

Relationship and Trust – Digital rights and citizenship – Data practices

DAY 2: What – “Show me the action”

Value creation and business models – Use cases – Evolving regulation

DAY 3: How – “Make it happen, make it right”

Technology – Ecosystems and Data governance – Collaboration and learning from others

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Open Knowledge Finland is a not-for-profit association and part of the wider international Open Knowledge -network. The association promotes the usage of open knowledge and advances the development of open society in Finland. The association was founded in 2012 and has more than 200 members including individuals, companies and other organizations.

Aalto University is a multidisciplinary university, where science and art meet technology and business.

Fing is a nonprofit independent foresight research organization based in Paris, France. Fing discovers, creates and shares novel and practical ideas that anticipate digital transformations. Since 2000, Fing has been helping private businesses, public sector institutions and local communities to open up their innovation processes and anticipate changes inspired by technology and its uses.


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