September 2nd 2016

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September 2, 2016
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The winners on Ultrahack & MyData hackathon announced

The main winner of joint Ultrahack and MyData 2016 hackathon is the Mobility Profile team.

During the hackathon, they developed an application monitoring citizens’ movement and predicting it. The application gathers a user’s personal movement data in one place, which allows for the foresight of movements. At the same time, the application gives the user greater control over their own data. The information will not be handed over to third parties or the developer, but only used by the user’s phone, Jussi Viinikka from the Mobility Profile team says.

HSL transit company’s journey planner’s open source code enabled the recovery of the route data and enabling the integration of the application into its system. The Mobility Profile team won 5 000 euros and secured their place in Ultrahack 2016 hackathon that takes place on November 25-27 in Helsinki.

Five winners of the hackathon

The hackathon judges chose five winner teams which got 1 000 euros investment each. One of them was Mobility Profile, four others are Consent Getaway, Get Your Data, Sell Your (Soul) Data and Tie teams. Consent Getaway developed a solicitation for giving away one’s data. The active spirit of Get Your Data team led it to developing an instrument for obtaining a citizen’s data that is known to different public administration offices. Sell Your (Soul) Data offered a solution for citizens to sell their data to those who have demand for it. Finally, Tie team introduced a new tool for evaluating the knowledge of students.

Ultrahack-MyData hackathon

MyData 2016 conference organized the joint Ultrahack hackathon. The event united experts, hackers, as well as companies and organizations in the discussion and usage of personal data transparently for the first time. The hackathon participants had 48 hours to develop their personal data usage solutions with the help of the latest technological services and prototypes.

The hackathon had more than 80 competitors selected from hundreds of applicants from across Europe. The hackathon challenges were provided by OP banking group, S-group and public sector operators, for example, HSL, YLE, THL, the Finnish Transport Agency, as well as services. They offered their technical resources and data repositories for the competitors.

MyData 2016 was organized by Open Knowledge Finland and focuses on how personal information can be collected and utilized in a user-driven and ethical way. The hackathon can contribute to the dialogue between businesses, governments, and developers. Participants will have the opportunity to show what kind of services users themselves want, says Teemu Ropponen, Open Knowledge Finland MyData2016 executive director.

Ultrahack is a unique international hackathon tournament that invites student teams, startups and corporations to solve up-¬to-¬date challenges with partner organizations. The aim of Ultrahack is to create new social and economical innovations and act as a springboard for future talents. This year, Ultrahack will expand to Reykjavik, Oslo, Copenhagen and Prague in addition to events held in Finland. Ultrahack is organised in cooperation with Futuretournaments Oy, Teleforum ry and Student Union of the Department of Computer Science in the University of Helsinki (TKO-¬äly ry).

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