About Us

MyData 2016

When: 31th August – 2nd September 2016
Where: Helsinki Hall of Culture / Kulttuuritalo

MyData 2016 is an international conference that focuses on human centric personal information management.

MyData is an initiative to help people gain more control over their personal data.

Let’s shape the future of personal data management together!

Why now?

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation allows people to have more control over their personal data.

EU GDPR takes effect in 2018 and now is the time to design new business models and services.

MyData is...

A concept

Like Big Data, MyData is an umbrella term for a type of personal data management that encompasses many different projects and initiatives.


Like an email account, MyData operators can be hosted by many different parties, or even self-hosted. It is not one particular tool or company.

A work-in-progress

Like mobile telephony, MyData will have succeeded when it is a global, accessible network that anyone can plug into. This is what we are working toward.

MyData is not...

One project

There are many initiatives around the world, ranging from technical to legal, that fall within the MyData framework, whether they use the term “MyData” or not.

Only in Finland

While there is an active MyData movement in Finland, it was inspired by initiatives from around the world and the MyData team in Finland is collaborating with others to make this system work.

Another data silo

Born out of the Open Knowledge movement, MyData is being developed as an open standards platform that will facilitate both for-profit and not-for-profit data-based services.

See our Event Concept presentation
Read the MyData white paper

We have published a white paper together with the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications.

MyData – A Nordic Model for human-centered personal data management and processing

Download PDF here

Learn more about MyData

Read our short summary here.

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