Day 1 – Future of digital self

When wearables come swallowables and we are surrounded by trillions of sensors - what changes and what stays the same?

Day 1 – Future of digital self

What can individuals and organizations do with MyData related technologies, apps and services? What currently works and what doesn’t? How will the landscape change both in the short and long term future?

Join this interactive session to share your visions, wishes, predictions and proposals.

From current state to far future

Andrew Vorster: Do you know who I am?

Samuel Rinnetmäki (session host): What I’m doing with MyData today

Rory Donnelly: The Internet of Me – a win:win scenario for individuals and businesses

Tuuli Kaskinen: Hyperconnection and future of the society


Wisdom of the crowd

Interactive part with input from the audience.

Next steps

Taavi Kotka, Government CIO, Estonia: Free movement of data