Day 1 – Trust me!

Evaluating and communicating trustworthiness of data custodians

Day 1 – Trust me!

Evaluating and communicating trustworthiness of data custodians

Trust is the hot topic in personal data management. All platform providers and organizations want people to trust them with their sensitive data and personal information, but what makes a platform trustworthy? What are the building blocks of trust? How adept are people at evaluating trustworthiness in current models? How could trustworthiness be more clearly and accurately communicated?

A10 minutes – Molly Schwartz – Introduction: MyData and Trustworthiness

An overview of the concept of trustworthiness and how this relates to the MyData model of transparency and user-driven data handling.

15 minutes – Allon Bar – Ranking Digital Rights: From Bigger to Better Data Practices: Ranking Tech Companies on Privacy

Private technology companies hold great power over user data that they process as we knowingly or unknowingly use their services. They decide on what kind of data they collect, how long they store it and how they keep it secure. They also decide on how to respond if others, including governments, request that data, as well as if they give individuals full autonomy over what happens with their data. Nevertheless, there is little insight into how companies actually treat users’ data. Ranking Digital Rights has developed a methodology that sets standards to which companies should adhere should they wish to hold themselves accountable on their policies and practices related to privacy and freedom of expression. During this session, we will discuss what improvements companies companies should make in how they treat user data. I will use results from the Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability Index (, which evaluated 16 of the world’s most powerful Internet and telecommunications companies, to lead that discussion.

15 minutes – Geoff Revill – Krowdthink Ltd: Don’t seek Trust, Seek to be Trustworthy

There is no less trusted company type than those providing social platforms, so to differentiate in this type of business requires a new thought process, and it starts inside the company. One has to define and develop a culture that seeks to be worthy of trust, only then can trust be fostered in the engagement process. Krowdthink will introduce its trust model and explain how it drove innovation in technology & commercial engagement. The approach massively simplifies how trust can be communicated, minimizing consent issues and making transparency of operation a business asset.

15 minutes – Hans-Martin Hellebrand and Andreas Berger – HUMADA, Inc.

15 minutes – Pernille Tranbeg: The DataEthical Company

Respect for privacy and the individual’s right to control their own data is becoming a key competitive parameter. Companies, organisations and authorities that work with data ethics as a social responsibility on equal footing with environmental awareness and respect for human rights are tomorrow’s winners. Digital trust is paramount for digital growth and welfare. Pernille Tranberg is co-author of the book ‘Data Ethics – The New Competitive Advantage’ which is being published in Danish Sept 14th and in English November 1st. 2016 Her talk will show how consumers are reacting to the growing commercial surveillance and how visionary companies understand to meet these demands supported by the new EU data regulation.

20 minutes – Q&A session with the panelists