Day 2 -Technical horizons

Technical overview and roadmap for the human-centric personal data management and MyData

Day 2 -Technical horizons

The session presents four world leading technical experts in personal data management related technologies. Experts present an overview of the technologies they have been working on (UMA, XDI, OAuth, Open ID Connect and VRM). Experts also present their personal expectations regarding what will happen in the technical landscape in the future. The session ends with a panel discussion that focuses on understanding what is overall the role of different technologies in advancing the human-centric personal data management, how different technologies interoperate or interface with each other, and what is missing in the technological puzzle. The panel also provides some recommendation for organisations where they should focus while developing and adopting new technologies and services for personal data management.

Justin Richer

Oauth is widely adopted API protocol. OpenIDConnect (OIDC) is an authentication layer on top of OAuth 2.0, an authorization framework. Justin Richer is author of book Oauth in action. Presentation explains what are these protocols and sheds light on how will these protocols develop in the future.

Maciej Machulak

Maciej is co-chair of UMA (user managed access), which is Oauth based access management protocol standard. Presentation explains the history, current state and future of UMA, and how UMA builds on top of OpenIDConnect.

Markus Sabadello

XDI (eXtensible Data Interchange) is a data model and protocol that envisions a global network of data, where all aspects of individual and organizational identity can be connected and managed through “link contracts”. The presentation will include demos of various functionality enabled by XDI, as well as a discussion of its history, current state, and potential synergy with other technologies.

Sean Bohan (ProjectVRM Steering Committee)

ProjectVRM is a community and working group for Doc Searls’ Harvard Berkman Center Fellowship project that is driving the concepts of Intentcasting and User Sovereignty. Personal Data is a critical component of users taking more control and changing how markets work, and VRM venns and is aligned with the Identity and Personal Cloud communities. The presentation will include: quick overview on VRM; connection points into Identity and Personal Data Stores and -Clouds; how intent casting might work (product example, ad blocking example) and new developments around JLink.