Learning Expedition

Day 1
31 Aug 2016

Day 1 – Future of digital self

When wearables come swallowables and we are surrounded by trillions of sensors - what changes and what stays the same?
Samuel Rinnetmäki
Rory Donnelly
Andrew Vorster
Taavi Kotka
Tuuli Kaskinen

Day 1 – Trust me!

Evaluating and communicating trustworthiness of data custodians
Geoff Revill
Pernille Tranberg
Andreas Berger
Hans-Martin Hellebrand
Allon Bar
Molly Schwartz
Day 2
01 Sep 2016

Day 2 – Data-empowered everyday life

Everyday life benefits and challenges of controlling one’s own data
Daniel Kaplan
Rory Donnelly
Katryna Dow
Aleksi Rossi
Maarten Leyts
Tristan Nitot

Day 2 -Technical horizons

Technical overview and roadmap for the human-centric personal data management
Kai Kuikkaniemi
Markus Sabadello
Sean Bohan
Maciej Machulak
Justin Richer
Day 3
02 Sep 2016

Day 3 – Policy-making for personal data

After the adoption of the EU General Data Protection Regulation – what next?
Dr. Malte Beyer-Katzenberger
Kaspar Kala
Taru Rastas
Philippe De Backer
Diego Naranjo
Jarno Limnéll