Day 1
31 Aug 2016

Day 1 – Academic Workshop

Making sense of the value of personal data
Tuukka Lehtiniemi
Day 2
01 Sep 2016

Day 2 – Business models

Human-centered business models for platform operators
Minna Pikkarainen
Laura Kemppainen
Petri Reiman
Ossi Laukkanen
Mika Raitola
Hans-Martin Hellebrand
Julian Ranger
Joachim Lohkamp

Day 2 – Examples, experiences and case studies!

Experiences, with real users and data: what are the challenges and success factors for individuals and organizations to engage in human-centric model for personal data?
Manon Molins
Marine Albarede
Katryna Dow
Michele Vescovi
Day 3
02 Sep 2016

Day 3 – Global winds from Japan to Silicon Valley

Personal Data Ecosystems over the Pacific
Koiti Hasida
Hiroshi Nakagawa
Kazushi Ishigaki
Naoto Ikegai
Akio Shimono
Andreas Berger
Hans-Martin Hellebrand
Kazue Sako