Project Lounge

MyData 2016 tagline is “make it happen, make it right!”. Making it happen requires a lot of collaboration and communication. In order to provide more possibilities for communication and further action we have reserved some extra small spaces that we call the project lounge.

Check the available project lounge times from the schedule here.

How project lounge works?

  • We try to keep the project lounge program is flexible and complementary to the main program. The project lounge program will be published only in every morning for that particular day. We allow open space approach through project lounge.
  • Project lounge is for presenting your projects more in-depth and organizing small meetups or workshops that extend our official program sessions.
  • We have different sized project lounge meeting spaces that are available throughout the conference including lunch break and evenings.
  • The project lounge is primarily targeted for our partners projects. Other projects can also apply for the project lounge space and we will provide project lounge space for if there is space available.

Apply to the project lounge by filling in the form below: