Six thematically more focused meetups will be organized as part of the MyData 2016 conference. Idea of these meetings are that they are venues for active collaboration and discussion for limited amount of people (max 30).

The meetups are open for all conference participants, but sign-ups are collected in advance so that the meetup hosts can better design the content to meet the needs and hopes of the participants.

Please fill in your details and choose the meetup that you will participate. If you will participate more than one meetup you can fill in the form multiple times.

If you need to cancel earlier sign-up just re-submit the form and note in the comment field that you are cancelling earlier sign-up.

Sign up to the meetups here!


Day 1
31 Aug 2016

Day 1 – Making trust ecosystems happen

Consent needs technology - review from different projects on the architecture of notice and consent
Michele Nati
Harri Honko
Joss Langford
Katryna Dow
Mark Lizar

Day 1 – Personal Cloud as a business opportunity for enterprises

How can the Personal Cloud enable enterprises to disrupt Google and Facebook?
Tristan Nitot
Benjamin André
Day 2
01 Sep 2016

Day 2 – Critical technology education

Key technology related questions such as algorithmic power and data privacy, are in the margins of current media education - come share your ideas on the educational needs start the change.
Minna Saariketo

Day 2 – MyDatan mahdollisuudet kaupungeille (6aika)

Miten henkilötietoa voidaan ihmisten omalla suostumuksella nykyistä laajemmin hyödyntää digitaalisten kaupunkipalvelujen tuottamisessa ja mitä kaupunkien tulee huomioida mm. uuden EU tietosuoja-asetuksen osalta?
Matti Saastamoinen
Petteri Günther
Mika Honkanen
Saara Ryhtä
Day 3
02 Sep 2016

Day 3 – Management of research information

Information on research, such as publications, research data, research projects, impact indicators, and researchers’ personal data increases constantly. The data are managed by various local and global, public and private organisations and services.
Hanna-Mari Puuska
Sami Saarikoski
Kai Kuikkaniemi

Day 3 – PIMS roundtable

Common actions to build momentum towards human-centric personal data
Daniel Kaplan
Tanel Mällo