Challenge Themes

MyData Challenge themes

We want to help you bring new MyData concepts and solutions to life.

As part of the international MyData Conference we are running the 48hr Ultrahack MyData Hackathon. It’s going to be a fun and inspiring event!

MyData is all about advancing human centric personal data. What? It’s about the taking back control of your personal data and making it work for you. It’s about you managing your personal data and feeling comfortable giving consent for it to be used by others with the possibility of changing your mind later on. It’s about giving you transparency about where your data is and who see’s it and why.

It’s also about you getting benefit from new services based on combining your personal data from various sources. It’s about trying to make life easier. Startups are finding new business opportunities in MyData. Cities and Public services want to improve citizens interaction experiences.

From the Corporate side, new privacy regulations are driving the need for companies to understand this important topic and their responsibilities in how they manage an individuals’ personal data.

Come join us for the hack and make a difference. Start to take an active part in future MyData solutions. Let’s make it happen.

We welcome individuals and small teams who have an interest in MyData to apply for the Hackathon. It does not matter if you are new to the topic or have been thinking or developing for some time, we want a mix of skillsets and experience. Designers, coders, business profiles are all welcome. Register now!

We will create the fun and friendly atmosphere where you can push solutions forward.

We have curated several MyData Challenge Themes to help focus efforts. You are free to mix and match elements of these challenges to create something new! They should act as inspiration for you. Surprise us!

We don’t want to restrict you or tie up your thinking, so we keep an open mind. The judges will look across all team entrants not purely per challenge, so really the best MyData ideas, concepts and solutions will float to the top and be rewarded!


Mobility as a service “Pay to go, not to own”

Future mobility will be built more on mobility packages in the amounts and modes that you need. You would pay for use accordingly. Can your team combine and optimize modes of public (mass) transport systems such as tram, metro, bus, train with more individual modes such as city bikes and car traveling?

Focus on:

  1. Personal urban mobility and the needs of the individual passenger and efficient use of transport available.
  2. Ideas and user experience designs for micro payments dealing with public transport and other services available during the trip.
  3. Dashboards (fixed or mobile) for smart cities and regions, showing travel data of private (cars, pedestrians, bikes etc.) and public traffic – what information is most useful for passengers?
  4. As a smartphone user you are already giving out location and movement information to major service providers. What if you give your movement information to Finnish Transport Agency towards creating better services? How would you want to control the privacy of your movement data? What are the different levels of privacy that should be applied and rewarded? 
  5. When movement data becomes more mainstream what Applications and Services could benefit from integration. How the person sharing their movement data will benefit from new services or integrations, for example health and fitness applications.  

Technical resources (URLs, APIs etc) can be found here 

Public Services

Hack Our Public Services “Make online public services more user-friendly and efficient”

Different public organizations hold massive amounts of personal data on each and every one of us – ranging from driving licenses to tax records and educational degrees. However, right now that data is being put to little or no use at all, because of a number of reasons. Could your team formulate concepts or prototypes to about how personal data originating from public sector could be used to enrich digital services to serve better you, the citizens?

Focus on:

We want you to come up with a concept for a new, user-friendly digital service that makes life easier. We will provide you with a list of a little over a dozen national data registers that hold some sort of personal information and details of their content. Choosing one or two as your basis, conceptualize a service that cuts red tape, benefits both individuals and society and makes human interaction easier in general. These are only some ideas:

Education. What will the online job application process of tomorrow look like if you could be able to attach your degrees and professional qualifications from verified sources to your digital CV?

Car ownership Selling and buying a used car can be a risky business and it involves a lot of paperwork. How could that process be made smoother if car owners could grant third party access to the car ownership registers managed by Trafi?

Taxes Paying one’s taxes in Finland is a very automated affair. Could the process be made more transparent if you could grant access to your tax records to an app that analyzes them?

Technical resources (URLs, APIs etc) can be found here


Hack the Bank “Your virtual personal finance assistant” 

Get ready to develop that ultimate intelligent data agent or AI for personal financial management! We’ll give you financial transaction data and necessary tools. What do you make of that?

Focus on:

  1. Designing an application that can track expenses, predict future expenses, act like an intelligent personal assistant.
  2. Innovating new methods to better serve bank customers.
  3. Prototyping an application that can illustrate the value of your non-monetary assets.
  4. Exploring wearable technology as a means of payment.
  5. Show us what you could do with blockchain, mydata & finance!

Technical resources (URLs, APIs etc) can be found here


Pimp My Shopping Data  “Your loyalty card information in your hands”

Time to take advantage of our shopping purchase data and turn it into new services that make our lives better, smoother or more fun. You have synthesized shopper data samples, product data, store location data and IBM Watson resources at your disposal. So, what’s the future of retail, e-commerce and consumer power? 

Focus on:

  1. Designing a personalized and relevant app that gives the power back to the consumer, leveraging data accumulated from personal retail transactions.
  2. Enabling smart recommendations from like-minded consumers.
  3. Visualizing the information and helping people to make sustainable choices.

Technical resources (URLs, APIs etc) can be found here


Personal Health on the Go! “The value of your health” 

Interest in personal health and wellbeing has become a worldwide trend. Collections of digital health information and public statistics are growing rapidly and more people have wearables and activity tracker apps on the their smartphones. Whilst it can be a huge asset, there is the risk to mis-handle this sensitive personal data. Can your team overcome these privacy concerns, create new business and community, while still allowing the individual to control and benefit from his/her personal data.

Focus on:

  1. Innovating solutions that show to individuals, indicators of their personal health and encourage their healthy behaviour.
  2. Developing business models which show the opportunity for individuals to gain reward from their data.
  3. Authorising the usage of your health data should be at YOUR control – how to do this simply?

Technical resources (URLs, APIs etc) can be found here

Wild card

You can also mix and match topics of these challenges. 

We understand that one size does not fit all.


Make a MyData mashup to solve a problem you have in mind. 


Generic Technical resources (URLs, APIs etc) can be found here