Hackathon Participant Info & FAQs



Be part of the one million euro Ultrahack 2016 Tournament!


MyData is all about advancing human centric personal data. What? It’s about the taking back control of your personal data and making it work for you.

Come join us for the hack and make a difference. Start to take an active part in future MyData solutions. Let’s make it happen.

We welcome individuals and small teams who have an interest in MyData to apply for the Hackathon.

It does not matter if you are new to the topic or have been thinking or developing for some time, we want a mix of skillsets and experience. Designers, coders, business profiles are all welcome.

We will create the fun and friendly atmosphere where you can push solutions forward.

We have curated several MyData Challenge Themes to help focus efforts. You are free to mix and match elements of these challenges to create something new! They should act as inspiration for you.

Surprise us!

We don’t want to restrict you or tie up your thinking, so we keep an open mind.

The judges will look across all team entrants not purely per challenge, so really the best MyData ideas, concepts and solutions will float to the top and be rewarded!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost for the Hackathon? Nothing! We are trying very hard to provide everything you need for a great event. It’s free to participate and we provide food and drinks along the way.

Can I sleep somewhere? We keep the hackathon running 24*7 from Tuesday kick-off for 48 hours until late Thursday. For those working through the night, there will be simple mattresses to catch a few winks.

Will there be food and drink? Yes, hackathon participants will have access to the main MyData Conference lunch, a light dinner and continuous snacks and soft drinks, tea, coffee etc. throughout the hackathon. We do not supply alcohol and you will not be able to drink it in the Hackathon space. We will do our very best to prevent you going hungry!

I have a question or concern what should I do? Contact us. Don’t be shy! We are here to help and create a great atmosphere. Drop us a line if you have allergies, accessibility questions etc.

Can I bring my pet? We don’t like to say no, but in this case, no (unless it’s a digital pet).

What is the Program/Timetable? Please check here. We will be adding further details before the event.

Where is the Hackathon venue? Details about the main venue. Address is Sturenkatu 4, 00510 Helsinki, Finland. The Hackathon takes place in the basement space called Klubisali. Please note that main sponsor, HSL, will be providing free Helsinki travel cards for the event. That means free travel to/from the venue and all over Helsinki! More information here (to be added).

Can I bring my child? No, unfortunately we have the age restriction of 18 years and older for Hackathon participants.

What equipment should I bring? Bring what you need to be comfortable. You are free to come and go throughout the event, but we encourage you to remain part of the atmosphere. Bring technology which supports your development, whether high tech or low tech. Check with us if you have questions.

Do all team members need to be present in person? No, as long as every member is individually registered in the system, the minimum is to have one member onsite. At least one member of the team needs to be prepared to ‘pitch’ their team’s progress during the event.

We’ve already started some development, can we join? Yes, absolutely. We encourage everyone who has interest in MyData topics to join us. We welcome all skillsets and all stages of development – from zero to running start-up. It’s our job to see how teams progress and judge fairly. Anyhow it will be great to have a mixed level of participant – everyone can learn something new!

Hackathon! Sounds scary, I’m not a coder. Can I play? Yes, you sure can. Because of the fairly abstract nature of MyData and the level of maturity of solutions, it is logical and absolutely welcome to have participants focus on concepts, designs, business models etc. We hope for several breakthrough ideas and we’re confident they won’t only be software solutions!

Are there prizes? Yes. Several winning teams will be chosen at the end of the Hackathon for €1000 team prizes on Thursday afternoon, then one of these teams will be proclaimed overall winner during the main MyData Conference on the Friday afternoon, for the grand €5000 prizes. Prize information here.

What is Ultrahack and how are they involved? We’ve joined forces with the power of Ultrahack 2016 who are running their second year of tournament. Personal Data (MyData) is one of the major tracks within the Ultrahack tournament and our MyData Hackathon can be seen as a step on the journey towards the Ultrahack main event in Helsinki, late November 2016. Check their website for more information.