Conference App

We’re proud to release the official MyData 2016 conference App for iOS. During MyData 2016 the app will be used to communicate the agenda, share insights and communicate with peers and potential collaborators for all around the world. Don’t miss the conversation.


The app is made by our fantastic partner Meeco, and it’s based on their service MeCast. MeCast is social in your control and on your terms, making it quick and easy for you to simultaneously post to your social networks, whilst also creating a back-up and searchable personal timeline of all your social posts.

So lets get practical, what can you do with the app?

The MyData 2016 app enables posting to:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Yammer
  • Facebook
  • Meeco

And better yet, whether attending the conference in person, or observing from any corner of the globe, you can engage with speakers and topics through both MeCast and the Participate tab powered by

Here’s how to get started:

Connect to your Networks

Simply tap on the MeCast tab in the App and follow the prompts to connect your social accounts.

Search your timeline

Use MeCast to search your timeline for key words and #tags. Searches will return the post including the networks you have posted to.

Keep a back up of your posts

MeCast makes social sharing easy, it also helps you control your own story by backing up your posts (including photos) to your own personal data store. The MeCast Timeline gives you an automatic back up on your mobile device.

If you are a Meeco Member, you can add your MeCast Timeline to your Meeco dashboard to view and search your personal Timeline on other devices.

Take control of your social, and be part of the movement. Download the app now.