Self-Organized Dinners

Don’t eat alone – sign up to one of the dinner tables below or suggest new theme!

The dinners start at 8 PM – come directly to the restaurant or to the meeting point by the info desk at 7:30

On the evening of the first conference day (Wed Aug 31st) we have pre-reserved tables from variety of restaurants in Helsinki to facilitate networking and sparkle interesting discussions among the participants. Each dinner table has a loosely defined theme to attract like minded people to join. The dinners are self-financed (we have included restaurants with different price levels).

The number of available seats per dinner are usually between 8 and 10 with few exceptions. In some restaurants we have more than one table reserved. The number of available seats will be depicted on the signup sheet below.

Be a contact person

If you wish to know new people and enjoy culinaristic Helsinki, why not being the contact person to one of the dinners? The only requirement is that you promise to be there in the restaurant and publish your phone number so that people can find you and the table.

  1. Think what would be your dinner theme?
  2. How many people you expect to join (normally 6-10 people)?
  3. What kind of and what price level of restaurant you prefer – see the map of suggested restaurants.
  4. Ready –> send email to our party master Heli Sirkiä at, suggest the theme and restaurant, Heli will confirm where we have space

How to sign-up?

  1. Choose the interesting theme from the list below
  2. Scroll down to find the theme and see if there are free places in that table
  3. Put your name or alias as participant to next free slot (questions or comments – you can add those after your name)
  4. If the table is full – don’t worry, just choose an other theme, there is good company and good food in many places
  5. If you change your mind, please remove your name from the list and free the place for someone else
The text below is a editable Etherpad (direct link to the pad). This does not work in some mobile devices – if you don’t have laptop at hand, come to info desk or borrow laptop for a moment from someone.