Streaming and video

The video recordings from MyData 2016 will be published on this page during September

Programme that will be streamed

The sessions taking place at the main stage (Plenaries and the Learning Expedition -breakouts) will be streamed online. Also other breakout rooms will be video recorded and published after the conference, but not streamed in real time.

Permission for video recording and copyrighted material

We will ask all speakers permission for video streaming and recording of their presentations. We respect the preferences of those speakers who do not want to be recorded and therefore we can not guarantee beforehand that all individual presentations will be recorded.

If your presentation is streamed, you cannot show online web content without permission from the content authors. Creative Commons is a good way to get such permission. If you plan to show content that cannot be video recorded, make sure to warn the cameraman before you start.

We ask presenters to license their materials and their spoken presentations with an open license. Creative Commons licenses CC BY and CC BY-SA are preferred. Speakers may request a copy of the video output for their own use and have rights to re-publish it later.

Video recordings from the sessions available in YouTube.