Meet Our Speakers

Anne Berner

Minister of Transport and Communication, Entrepreneur

Antoinette Rouvroy

Member of CNIL's Foresight committee

Bo Harald

Real Time Economy program

Daniel Kaplan

CEO of Fing

Diego Naranjo

Advocacy Manager of EDRi

Doc Searls

Intention Economy

Edouard Geffray

General Secretary, CNIL

Harri Pursiainen

Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Transport and Communications of Finland

Irene Ng

Hub of All Things
Entrepreneur Advisor

Jamie Smith

Client Strategy Director of Ctrl-Shift

Jarno Limnéll

Professor of Cyber Security
Aalto University

Justin Richer

Vectors of Trust

Katryna Dow

CEO of Meeco

Maciej Machulak

Senior Identity Architect at iWelcome
User-Managed Access Work Group

Peter Vander Auwera

SWIFT Innotribe

Romain Liberge

Chief Digital Officer at MAIF

Rufus Pollock

Founder and President of Open Knowledge

Sean Bohan

ProjectVRM Steering Committee

Taavi Kotka

Government CIO, Estonia

Valérie Peugeot

Future Studies Project manager of Orange Labs

Akio Shimono

Researching Software Engineer

Alessandro Carelli

Designer and PhD Candidate at Loughborough Design School

Allon Bar

Policy and Engagement Manager of the Ranking Digital Rights

André Golliez

Founder of Golliez Open Data Consulting

Andre Walter

Managing Consultant (Privacy, Big-Data, Sustainability) at Capgemini Consulting

Andreas Berger

Founder of Humada Inc.

Andrew Vorster

former VP of Technology R&D at Visa Europe

Anna-Riitta Vuorenmaa

Co-Founder of Privago

Antti Poikola

Researcher at Helsinki Institute of Information Technology

Antti Pursula

Project Director

Benjamin André

CEO, Cozy Cloud

Berit Skjernaa

Senior Security Architect of Security Lab

Björn Pirrwitz

Co-founder & CEO, SingleID AD

Cécile Wendling

Head of Foresight at AXA

Charalampos Doukas

Technology researcher
Open source hardware advocate

Christine Copers

Innovation Manager at Fedict, the Belgian federal administration for ICT

Clara Schmitt

Marketing Manager at Matchupbox

Dana Lewis

W2O Group

David Robert

International Data Scientist Voyages-SNCF - RailEurope (EU) President ÆTERNAM fondation (EU)

Dr. Malte Beyer-Katzenberger

Policy officer, European Commission, DG CONNECT

Eitan Jankelewitz

Interactive Department at Sheridans

Erik Arnaud

Digital & Data Strategist @ MAIF

Erwin Kroon

Product Architect of HelloData

Fabien Coutant

Data Governance & strategy @ Enedis

Fedja Zdrnja

Manager development team at MPARE

Geoff Revill

CoFounder & Managing Director, Krowdthink Ltd

Hanna-Mari Puuska

Development Manager

Hans-Martin Hellebrand

Business leader

Harri Honko

Chief Technologist and Track Lead, MyData Architecture and Digital Health Revolution Program Project Manager at Tampere University of Technology Co-founder and Head of Product at Wellness Warehouse Engine Ltd.

James Harvey

Head of UX and Design

Janne Viskari

Director of Finnish Population Register Center

Jens Kremer

Project Researcher, LOSS-Project Helsinki, Helsinki University Visiting Researcher, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Aalto University

Joachim Lohkamp

CEO of Jolocom

Joanne Lacey

Chief Operating Officer - Mobile Ecosystem Forum

John Zysman

Professor at University of California, Berkeley

Josh Brown

Regional Director, Europe, ORCID

Joss Langford

Director, Coelition

Julia Manske

Program Manager

Julian Ranger

Angel investor
Founder of digi.me

Juuso Parkkinen

Data Scientist at Reaktor

Kai Kuikkaniemi

Researcher at HIIT

Kazue Sako

Senior Engineer

Kazushi Ishigaki

Reseacher Fujitsu Laboratories LTD.

Koiti Hasida

Professor, Social ICT Research Center

Kristian Bäckström

IoT communication expert

Lilli Linkola

Industrial Ecologist

Luk Vervenne

CEO Synergetics nv

Maarten Leyts

CEO/Founder Trendwolves

Madis Tiik

Senior adviser of Sitra

Mads Schaarup Andersen

Security Architect of Security Lab

Manon Molins

"MesInfos" Project Manager - Fing

Marianne Falck-Hvilstafeldt

Responsible for Digital Services, Suomen Ekonomit

Marine Albarede

"MesInfos" Project Manager at FING

Maritta Perälä-Heape

Director at Centre for Health and Technology (CHT)
University of Oulu, Finland

Mark Lizar

Founding Director of Smart Species

Marko Latvanen

Web editor at Suomi.fi public (citizens) services portal

Marko Turpeinen

Director, EIT Digital Silicon Valley Hub

Markus Sabadello

Danube Tech

Mats Sjöberg

Researcher at the University of Helsinki

Michele Nati

Lead Technologist in Personal Data and Trust of Digital Catapult

Michele Vescovi

Senior researcher at the SKIL

Miguel Perez Subias


Mika Honkanen

Vice-chairman of Open Knowledge Finland
Member of HIIT MyData research group

Mika Raitola

Innovation Manager / Sonera

Mikael Rinnetmäki

Founder, Sensotrend Oy

Minna Pikkarainen

Connected Health Professor

Minna Saariketo

Doctoral Researcher

Molly Schwartz

PhD candidate in Media and Communications at the University of Malmö

Naoto Ikegai


Nathan Kinch

Head of Experience and Labs at Meeco

Nicolo Zingales

Legal researcher, Tilburg University

Oguzhan Gencoglu

Data Scientist
Artificial Intelligence Researcher

Olli Pitkänen

Research Director at IPR University Center
Senior research scientist at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT
Docent at University of Helsinki

Ossi Laukkanen

eHealth Director at Mehiläinen Oy

Pär Andler

CMO of Fun Academy Ltd.

Paula Merikko

Director of Interoperability Services for Education and Research at CSC

Pekka Koponen

Development Director

Pekka Sivonen

Director of Digitalisation Strategy and Programmes

Pekka Turpeinen

Business Manager

Pernille Tranberg

Co-founder of DataEthics.eu

Peter Paul Gerbrands

Organizational consultant and speaker

Petri Reiman

Chief Technology Officer

Petteri Günther

Senior Associate at Lexia

Philippe De Backer

Belgian State Secretary for the Fight against Social Fraud, Privacy and North Sea

Pierrick Thébault

Lead Designer at Qwant

Ramon Sangüesa

Coordinator of the Data Transparency Lab (DTL)

Risto Kaikkonen

Head of Information Resource Services Unit, National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)

Risto Linturi

Chairman, Sovelto Plc

Rory Donnelly

CEO of Digi.me

Saara Ryhtä

Counsel at Lexia

Sachin Lodha

Principal Scientist and Head of Data Privacy R&D, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Sami Pippuri

CTO of MaaS Global
Webby award winner

Sami Saarikoski

Development Manager

Samuel Rinnetmäki

OKF MyData working group member
Enterprise Architect in the Finnish Centre for Pensions

Sarah Medjek


Serafin Leon Engel

Founder & CEO, DataWallet

Serge Bignens

Professor for Medical Informatics

Tanel Mällo

Partner, STATS Unities

Taru Rastas

Senior Adviser in the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications

Teppo Valtonen

Head of Development at Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Tero Almi

Commercial Product Manager, Information Services, Lindorff Finland

Timo Seppälä

Post-Doctoral Reseacher, and Senior Research Associate

Tristan Nitot

Chief Product Officer of Cozy Cloud

Tuukka Lehtiniemi

Researcher at HIIT