Day 1
31 Aug 2016

Day 1 – Public services

Governments collect and manage lots of personal data data, what is their role in shaping the dominant practices?
Janne Viskari
Marko Latvanen
Julia Manske
Dagmar Celuchova Bosanska
Allon Bar
Christine Copers

Day 1 – Platform Economy

Platforms connect two or more market sides to meaningful interaction - what is the role of "platform companies" or "ecosystem players" in the management of personal data?
Joanne Lacey
Pekka Sivonen
Serge Bignens
Timo Seppälä
Luk Vervenne
André Golliez
Day 2
01 Sep 2016

Day 2 – Legal frameworks

How MyData fits in the regenerating European Data Protection regime?
Olli Pitkänen
Nicolo Zingales
Eitan Jankelewitz
Miguel Perez Subias
Tobias Bräutigam
Anette Alén-Savikko
Jens Kremer

Day 2 – Quantified employee

Using MyData for designing work
Marianne Falck-Hvilstafeldt
Peter Paul Gerbrands
Ossi Laukkanen
Teppo Valtonen
Day 3
02 Sep 2016

Day 3 – Economics of data management

Privacy can be business enabler and enabling privacy can be a good business
Marko Turpeinen
Pekka Turpeinen
Serafin Leon Engel
Anna-Riitta Vuorenmaa
Andre Walter
John Zysman