Evening programme

Making new connections is one of the main pathway to making the conference success and impactful. We have organized informal social programme for the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

More info and sign-ups for the dinners and saunas will be published just before the conference, check again on Tuesday evening!

Meeting spot at Bistro ( Tuesday 7 PM )

Arriving to Helsinki come and meet the MyData crew and fellow conference guests and speakers at Manala bar & bistro from 7 PM onwards. You can grab a drink and check in to the conference at the bar and therefore avoiding the possible registration rush on Wednesday morning.

Bar & Bistro Manala: www.manala.fi (Address: Dagmarinkatu 2) – if you have problem finding us, please call, text or Whatsapp chat to the Info Desk number.

Get-together reception ( Wednesday 5.30 PM )

After the official programme on the first day of the conference we will organize an informal reception at the venue, snacks and drinks are served.

Self-organized dinners ( Wednesday 8 PM )

In the evening after the get-together reception (Aug 31st) we have pre-reserved tables from variety of restaurants around Helsinki. Choose an interesting restaurant and have a dinner with fellow MyData 2016 participants. Each dinner table is hosted by someone from the conference participants. The host can suggest a loosely defined theme for the dinner to attract like minded people to join to the dinner. The dinners are self-financed and self-organized. We have a simplistic sign-up page to facilitate people finding good company and good restaurant. If you wish to host a thematic dinner, contact our party master Heli Sirkiä at hsirkia[ä]gmail.com

Read more at: http://mydata2016.org/evening-programme/thematic-dinners

MyData 2016 Sauna Day ( Thursday 7.30 PM )

MyData 2016 organizers and partners want to offer all participants possibility to experience this essential part of Finnish culture – Sauna! Most of the Finnish companies and other organizations have sauna facilities in the office buildings. We have invited the organizations to open the sauna doors for MyData 2016 participants. There will be several different sauna options available around the city. We will arrange a meet-up at the festival venue, so that people going for the same sauna can travel together. If you can offer a sauna option for the guests or have anything else to ask about sauna dat, contact our sauna dwarf jukka-pekka.jankala[ä]helsinki.fi

Read more at: http://mydata2016.org/evening-programme/sauna-day


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